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Ever read a book and feel you need more? More input, more information, more discussion? When I finally read George Orwell's 1984 at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic I had an overwhelming desire to be amongst other readers. I wanted to go out into the world and discuss the ideas in the novel and how, over seventy years later, it felt more like a prediction rather than simply a work of futuristic fantasy. 

That feeling was the first step towards creating The Lazy Day Reader. I tried writing my ideas down, but they never went further than my own interpretation. I took to creating my own literature, small intricate pieces that were for my eyes only, but every new read brought out an increased need in me to share what I was going through in those experiences.

And so The Lazy Day Reader was born. I finished my undergraduate degree a matter of weeks ago, and found myself reading at an astonishing rate for a mother-of-two who should have so much more to do. So here I am, at the end of my degree, at a loss for what to do next, creating a blog to share my ideas around reading, writing and everything in between! 

I can only hope you can take something away from my humble little outlet, think of it as a little online book club - whether you are reader or writer, everyone is welcome!

Thanks for visiting, and happy reading!



About The Blogger

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Why should you care what I think? Well, honestly - maybe you shouldn't. Or maybe you just won't, but here I want to tell you a bit about me  -the person behind the ideas, so that you can make that decision for yourself.

My name is Stacey, and not to sound like a boring cliché, but I've always loved reading. In fact, I've always loved everything about books - the feel, the smell, the weight of them, the little numbers at the bottom of the pages, the anticipation at the beginning and the sense of loss when you finish - I love it all! I had my first crush on a character in a book, it was one of my mother's Danielle Steel novels, and I couldn't resist that stereotypical moody-turned sensitive lover whose only purpose (in my mind) was to support his sometimes impossible love interest!

Coming from a working class family in a North Wales town, I didn't have the luxury of setting off around the world to experience new things, so I did it in the pages of any book I could get hold of. I learned about religion, racial inequality, sexuality and so much more, often losing myself entirely and wishing I could just jump inside and join in. 

So, when I decided at the age of thirty-three to finally go to university for my undergraduate degree, there was never any question what my subject would be. In fact, I only applied to one course - Ba Hons English Literature with English Language at The University of Wales, Bangor. It never occurred to me to put some back-up courses on my application.  I'd left education in my teens because, despite good grades, I hadn't truly engaged with most of it - I wasn't about to let that happen with my degree.

Something I find amusing now is how many people see me reading a book and say they thought I'd have had enough of reading for a while! I can't imagine a world where that is possible, but I do get it - I have spent the last three years reading, reading and reading some more. But honestly, I still can't get enough. 

So here I am, sharing my reading with anyone who might be interested. My degree opened me up to the idea of reading outside my usual genre, era, or form and I want to do the same for others. I hope that by sharing my reading, I can bring literature to people's attention that they otherwise may have overlooked.

My only goal here is to be open and honest in the hope of sharing a part of the world inside my head with others, that they might take something away for themselves.

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If you choose to post in chat forums or comment on articles on this site, all interactions must remain peaceful and respectful. This is an inclusive site that encourages passionate independent thought and analysis. If your opinion does not agree with those found on this site, I encourage you to voice those differences in an academic manner, without judgement or bias. Discrimination of any sort will not be tolerated, and any members commenting with a view to provoke argument or cause offense will have their comments removed, and their membership revoked.

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